About Us

Our Facility

Our I-CAR Gold Class certification, advanced ASE technicians, and reputation for quality and safety are among the many reasons why local dealers and leading insurance providers recommend South Riding Auto Collision to their customers. At South Riding Auto Collision, we restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition both cosmetically and structurally using the latest factory grade technology and certified technicians recognized by the nation’s largest automotive repair organization, I-CAR. We are also a Ford Certified Collision Repair Facility.


We apply a rigorous quality control procedure, checking and rechecking every repair. From the insurance authorization to your complimentary vehicle wash and vacuum, our technicians and management team continually perform quality control inspections.

At South Riding Auto Collision, we proudly stand by the quality of our work. That’s why every repair performed is backed by our lifetime warranty. In the rare instance that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the quality of your repair, simply bring your vehicle in and our team will work to make it right. Guaranteed.

The technicians at SRAC are the highest-trained technicians in the field, standing in the top 10% of technicians in the nation with I-CAR Gold-Class certification and have undergone specific training to specialize in Honda and Acura vehicles.

We take pride in equipping our technicians with the highest quality OEM equipment so you can count on a perfect appearance, every time. Our collision repair specialists lead the industry in everything from fender repair to certified aluminum repair and everything in between. No matter what you drive, our veteran team is up to the job.

At South Riding Auto Collision, our name is our game and we take paint seriously. We take pride in combining state-of-the-art computerized paint- matching software with professional skill to ensure every vehicle leaves flawless, with seamless paint coverage that precisely matches its original finish and color. We only use waterborne paints which consistently produce a cleaner, safer finish than solvent based paints.

While many think of auto painting as a simple, one-step process, we believe painting is an art. From complete body paint jobs, to individual panels, to repairing scratches, dings, and dents; the technicians at South Riding Auto Collision understand exactly how to return your vehicle to its original factory finish.


We Are Green


We are committed to doing our part to guard our ecological systems, reduce energy consumption and address climate change. We are always working to minimize the effect we might have on the environment.

Unlike many other body shops, we use Lesonal waterborne basecoat refinish solutions from AkzoNobel. They represent significant advancements in reducing greenhouse gases and improving the quality of the air we breathe without sacrificing quality and performance.

For a shop that mixes an average of 1 gallon of solvent borne base coat per week, the move to waterborne base coat annually saves over 300 lbs of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from being emitted into the air we breathe. This is equivalent to taking more than 1,000 vehicles off the road annually.


Moreover, we do the little things that help our environment:

Waterborne basecoat and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products

High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns

GFS Eco down draft paint booth

Employ a ventilated or prefabricated mixing room

Store and reuse leftover primers and basecoats

A paint solvent recycling machine

An automated gun cleaner

A high-velocity, low-volume vacuum sanding machine by Eurovac

Change ventilation filters regularly

Follow EPA guidelines for proper waste management

Eco-friendly cleaning products for general cleaning

Energy-saving lighting and HVAC



Dealing with your insurance company can be stressful if there’s no one helping you. At South Riding Auto Collision, we work directly with all major insurance providers.

After an accident, your insurance company will need to be contacted before any repair work can be done. South Riding Auto Collision works with all major providers and can contact them on your behalf, if you choose. Our representatives can work with you and your insurance provider to create your claim and begin the estimation process, and we’ll facilitate all communication with your provider until your repairs are complete. We continually meet strict industry guidelines to maintain our reputation as the repair center of choice among insurers. As a customer, this means a more convenient and accurate estimate, industry-leading quality and safety, consistent communication, and an overall hassle-free experience.

If you choose to call your insurance company prior to South Riding Auto Collision, remember that you may choose any collision repair service you like, regardless of your providers’ recommendation. Make sure you choose a service center with a reputation for excellent and timely work.

If you choose to receive multiple repair estimates, keep in mind that estimates may vary based on the quality of work that will be done. A too- low estimate may not repair all your damage, and while your car may look nice and drive well for a short time, these repairs may not provide a long- term solution.